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Pumpseal is looking forward to a new financial year with some rebranding and a new website. Now that we have seen the first 'green shoots' of growth in the economy we have started to see some increase in demand for the design and supply of new pumping stations or an upgrade to existing installations. Now that the weather has a last abated and the ground water is slowly ebbing away is the ideal time to consider maintenance and repairs. Even better establish a service contract to elongate the life of your station, to pre-empt some of the problems and manage your budgets with a set payment plan.

Emergency call outs can have significant costs both in time and financially. Some of the most common causes are failures of mechanical seals and bearings and it can often be a false economy to select a cheap pump. More expensive pumps are generally built for better longevity and last longer between repairs.

Another very basic tip from our engineers for those with pumps that deal with sewage, to minimise the cost of repairs and maintenance is to ensure that at all times the dreaded wipes, pads and even dental floss are not flushed into the system. Those innocuous little pads always cause the worst blockages and for those of us with a delicate constitution the resulting situtation can be truly unpleasant and cause some horrendous back ups in the system!!

Finishing on a more pleasant note - enjoy the sunshine and the start of spring.

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