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Sewage & Wastewater Pumps

Pumpseal have extensive knowledge and years of combined experience of just about every application for the pumping sewage, pumping grey water and pumping stormwater.

Whether the application calls for the pumping of sewage from a single household, multiple households, campsites or pumping from commercial or industrial sites. Pumpseal can deliver new or replacement pumping solutions on time and on budget!


Packaged Pumping Stations

The Pumpseal range of Packaged Pumping Stations are designed for raising sewage, effluent, waste water and surface water in low lying areas, or those areas away from a sewage main for residential, commercial or industrial applications.The pumping stations are positioned underground they are easy to install, completely sealed to protect against noise and odour, automatic in operation and easily serviceable with no requirement to enter the tank.

A comprehensive range of pumping station models are available and these incorporate all pipework connections, rails, chains, floats as well as pumps and control equipment. A simple pump auto-coupling device enables quick and easy removal of the pump for servicing or cleaning.

Various types of pumps in single pump or dual pump options can be supplied to best suit the application:

Grinder pump – For sewage applications that require a pressure main or long discharge main of small diameter pipe.
Vortexpump – Applications that involve the transfer of sewage or stormwater where there is the possibility of abrasive substances such as stones, grit or sand.
Channelpump – Standard channel impeller for the transfer of sewage, unscreened or treated.

Pumpseal are able to supply tanks to other sizes and shapes as required. Please contact our Pumpseal Sales Office for more details.


Cleanwater Booster Pumps

We at Pumpseal can provide a single pump or multiple pump booster installation for a range of applications from the smallest domestic property up to the largest of commercial or industrial applications such as leisure centres, hospitals, hotels and factories.

Pumpseal’s vast experience in pump selection, application and solution engineering enable us to provide a reliable, practical and cost effective package to our customers.

We pride ourselves on our longstanding relationships with the biggest and most successful names in the pump industry such GRUNDFOS, LOWARA, DAB and EBARA to name a few.

Our packaged booster sets are all supplied with comprehensive control systems, operation and maintenance manuals and are factory tested prior to arrival on site.

Pumpseal can provide standard pumpsets of up to three pumps or we can provide bespoke pump system packages of up to six pumps. Pumpseal also offer variable speed control motors offering the highest degree of energy efficiency, control and flexibility as well as a reduction in system noise.

Our knowledge and reputation within the pump industry ensures that Pumpseal remain completely up to date with technological advancements, Government and Water Industry policies and legislation to ensure that you receive the best advice and the best pumping solution equipment every time. For instance were you aware that under Government policy tax incentives exist for end users purchasing pumping systems with energy efficient motors?

Pumpseal also offer a comprehensive whole life package from initial design and specification through to installation, commissioning and a service contract plan to suit your requirements.

Please contact Pumpseal direct for further details.


Borehole Pumps

At Pumpseal we believe that quality is at the heart of every good pumping system and the old statement of ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly applies with borehole pump applications.

In cost terms the price to raise and re-install a borehole pump following breakdown can be many times the cost of repair or even that of a new pump. This in addition to the inconvenience of not having a water supply!!!


Sewage Treatment Plants

If you own a property that is away from the main sewage system you will require a sewage treatment plant that is environmentally friendly and also approved by the local authorities. This is a miniature sewage-works that takes raw sewage, treats it in various ways and turns the water into harmless effluent and the solids into sludge that can be easily removed by tanker.

Pumpseal are main agents for REWATEC SBR Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants.

How it works:

The SBR technology always works with at least two separate sections: a pre-treatment chamber as buffer and sludge reservoir and the SBR bioreactor chambercontaining the submersible aerator, feeding pump and clearwater pump. The wastewater stored in the pre-treatment container is (pumped) lead in batches to the SBR reactor for an 8-hour depuration cycle.

The submersible aerator, feeding pump and clearwater pump provides oxygen and enables microorganisms to grow. These then feed on substances in the wastewater and the result is ‘living’ microbiological sludge flakes that sink to the bottom of the container. In the upper part you have mostly treated water which is pumped into the seepage or pre-flooding area. Meanwhile a new amount of wastewater has been stored in the pre-treatment section and the sewage treatment and pumping process starts again.

  • Easy to install without costly excavation work or installation of pipework.
  • Intelligent control with automatic energy saving and holiday mode.
  • Quick and easy to maintain.
  • Available in different sizes depending on number of inhabitants and dwellings.

Already have an existing septic tank?

This can be retrofitted with SBR technology to provide a fully functional biological treatment plant.


Rainwater Harvesting

Installing a rainwater harvesting system to pump collected rainwater in your home offers a practical way to help the environment as well as beating the annual hosepipe bans.

With more and more pressure being put on our water resources, making full use of the rain water by pumping the rainwater for other uses which has been freely collected is now more important than ever.

Of the 140 litres of water that the average person uses each day, 77 litres could come from pumping rainwater. The use of water treated to a level suitable for personal consumption for tasks such as flushing the loo, washing clothes or watering the plants in the garden is unnecessary and wasteful.

The Pumpseal rainwater harvesting solutions collect rainwater directly from your guttering and down pipes and feed this water into an underground storage tank.

The captured rainwater is then available for use for pre-scribed household tasks or for direct use in the garden by our pumping installation.

Rainwater Harvesting

  • Rainwater is collected via your guttering.
  • Stored in a underground tank.
  • Using pumps and pumping equipment the rainwater is then made available for other uses.

Pumpseal can advise on and install rainwater harvesting solutions for the garden or for the whole household.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to learn more about the rainwater harvesting solutions available.

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